Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ralph Cotton Endorsement for "Toby Ryker"

“TOBY RYKER is the kind of premier novel that wins its author a hearty welcome to the family of western writers,” says Ralph Cotton, creator of several western novels and best selling USA Today author. “Steven Ulmen creates believable, real-to-life characters we feel we have met along the trail and incorporates them into a seamless story that leaves the reader looking forward to his next work. Congratulations, Steven Ulmen, wonderful job!” RALPH COTTON - USA TODAY BEST SELLING AUTHOR

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

If you love westerns then you'll love Toby Ryker! by David W. Hoffman of Gloomwing Magazine.

Grab your boots and saddle that horse because you're in for a ride, one that is sure to intrigue all lovers of good western tales. Steven M. Ulmen has crafted a masterful tale that few will soon forget. And though the story is a work of art the presentation of the story has some flaws.
Toby Ryker opens with Toby arriving in the small town of Laramie where he proceeds to make an unforgettable impression upon the residents. Toby then moves on to find an old friend that's taken up residence outside of town. But his past soon follows, a past that threatens not only Toby's life but others as well.
The writing style of Steven Ulmen is a pleasure to behold. He’s captured the real feel of the old west and presents the tale of Toby Ryker in a colorful fashion. I highly recommend Toby Ryker to everyone that fancies a good western.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Endorsement for "Toby Ryker" from Elmer Kelton

The late Elmer Kelton, award-winning western author and voted the best western writer of all time by the Western Writers of America, says after reading this novel: “TOBY RYKER'S hero harks back to the like of Wallace Beery, old and fat, yet raunchy and ready to fight, a man who strangles a buzzard just for the fun of it. Ulmen’s novel has humor and movement, and a fine story-telling technique, which weigh much in its favor.”

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

B.R. Jones Review of Toby Ryker

"Toby Ryker" Will Steal Your Heart! Great Book! by B.R. Jones

The title character in this powerfully woven western novel rides into Laramie, Wyoming, looking for a friendly scuffle. An aging mountain man, built like the mountains he rode out of, Toby Ryker still has enough fight and spit left in him to wrestle with the best of them and an overwhelming urge to satisfy his lust for brawling. He finds just what he’s looking for at Kelly’s Saloon—a room full of cowboys he can easily aggravate. The fighting ensues, tables and chairs are broken. He pays the bartender for the damages, impresses everyone as the friendly but cantankerous fellow he is, and leaves Kelly’s a happy man. Then drops from a heart attack right outside of the saloon.
After regaining his strength and begrudgingly accepting a bottle of nitroglycerin tablets from a frustrated Doc Swensen, Toby sets out to complete the mission that brought him to this area in the first place—to look up an old Cavalry buddy, David Stewart, who has a ranch a few miles outside of Laramie. After arriving at the Stewart ranch and spending some time with David, his wife and children, Toby suggests to David that they go off on a high country hunt in the Medicine Bow Mountains, just the two of them, like old times. David readily agrees, but what he isn’t aware of is that a bounty hunter named John McQuiston is tracking Toby for the murder of a banker in Deadwood.
McQuiston is a nasty, soulless character, intent on collecting the reward money. Whether he brings Toby back to Deadwood dead or alive is of no consequence to him. Toby and David set out for the mountains on their much anticipated hunt, John McQuiston sets out after Toby, and the sheriff of Laramie, upon learning that McQuiston, himself, is responsible for a murder in Laramie, sets out after McQuiston. They all come together high in the mountains in an explosive ending that will leave you anxiously awaiting the sequel.
Written with marvelous detail and rich characterization, Steven Ulmen has done a wonderful job capturing the texture and quality of the Wyoming Territory of the late 1800’s. Toby Ryker is an endearing bear of a man whom you’ll come to love. I laughed heartily throughout the book at the witty and humorous dialogue, especially the exchanges between Toby and his friend, David Stewart.
I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking to satisfy their hunger for tales of the old west. From quirky cowboys to brave and compassionate heroes to saloon girls and sinister bounty hunters, this novel has become one of my favorites.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reviews and endorsements for "Toby Ryker"

“TOBY RYKER is a lightening-paced, granite-touch western told in the classic mode. Steve Ulmen’s style cracks like a whip, and his characters remain with you a long time after you come to the end, which you won’t want to. As a reader, I anticipate many more hours of pleasure from this author; as a writer, I need to get cracking before he runs me over.” - LOREN ESTLEMAN, WWA AWARD WINNING AUTHOR OF "THE UNDERTAKER'S WIFE"

TOBY RYKER is a character-driven western novel like  you enjoyed on "Gunsmoke" and "Have Gun, Will Travel." At one time this story was under consideration for "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." Read it in the format of your choice at the Barnes and Noble link below:


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Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Toby Ryker" now in Ebook at Barnes and Noble.

As promised, here's the link at Barnes and Noble Pubit for "Toby Ryker," the western novel that started it all. It's a classic western for your leisure reading and enjoyment. New introductory low price.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Toby Ryker is the book that started it all.

With the conclusion of the sesquicentennial of the Dakota Conflict, it is time to move on to the book that started it all. "Toby Ryker" was penned back in the mid-2000s and just converted to an ebook about a year ago. This story is a classic western that takes place in the 1880's around Laramie, Wyoming. I hope you western fans enjoy it.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Coming Soon, "Toby Ryker" Classic Style Western Novel

Toby Ryker, a colorful old mountain man and lord-knows-what-all similar to J.B. Books in Swarthout's classic, "The Shootist," is forced to come to grips with his mortality. He moseys into Laramie and stirs up a saloon brawl just for the fun of it then pays for the damages, thus bailing everyone out of a passel of trouble. Moments later, he collapses of a heart attack. When he wakes up, the doctor directs him to adopt a quiet way of life. He looks up an old friend, David Stewart, a rancher living in the area who is now married with a family, and the two decide to go on a last hunting trip in the Medicine Bow Mountains. Ryker learns that McQuiston, a sadistic bounty hunter, has trailed him to Laramie over a shooting he committed in Deadwood. McQuiston kills a local cowboy soon after his arrival and the chase is on, with Ryker and Stewart hunting elk, McQuiston hunting Ryker, and the sheriff hunting McQuiston. The final shootout leaves McQuiston dead, but with a story ending that is not what it appears to be.

Available in paperback and Ebook.