Saturday, September 1, 2018

Dakota Conflict of August 1862 and the Battle of Birch Coulee

 In August of 1862 when the Great Sioux Uprising broke out, a nightmare descended upon the state of Minnesota. In the words of Col. Henry Hastings Sibley, commander of the Indian Expedition:

"In a week, and mostly within forty-eight hours, 1000 persons perished in excruciating pain, 2000 more were maimed sufferers from the outrage, and 8000, who before were fairly well-to-do, were thrown, as paupers, on the charity of individuals, or on the bounty of the state."

Southern Minnesota along the Minnesota river was destroyed.

On September 2, 1862, Col. Sibley sent out a burial detail from Fort Ridgley. Little Crow's warriors met the burial detail on the plain overlooking Birch Coulee, where a fierce battle broke out. 

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