Monday, September 17, 2012

Would You Like Another Free Promotion?

Amazon Kindle allows me to offer readers a free promotion of "Blood on the Prairie A Novel of the Sioux Uprising" up to 5 times in a 90 day period.  I've done so three times so far. You can download the book free.

I'm thinking of offering a 4th free 24 hour giveaway on September 23 which coincides with the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Wood Lake, the decisive battle which won the war for Colonel Henry Sibley and his rag-tag army of Minnesota volunteers.

What do you think? Would you like another free promotion of this title on the 23rd of September? Let me know your thoughts. You must have an Amazon Kindle subscription to take advantage of this free promotional offer, and it applies only to the Ebook version. You can, however, also purchase the Ebook during the promotion, and Kindle Prime members can read it for free.

So, what the heck was the Dakota Conflict? Also called the Sioux Uprising, it occurred in August and September of 1862, during the civil war, and resulted in the greatest loss of civilian life in an Indian war in U.S. history. When it was all over, President Lincoln ordered the public hanging of 38 Sioux warriors involved in the uprising at Mankato, Minnesota, my home town, on December 26, 1862, the day after Christmas. This remains the largest mass execution in U.S. history. "Blood on the Prairie A Novel of the Sioux Uprising" is a story about ordinary folks like you and me caught up in a horrible and deadly Indian war, who cope with life as best they can. It is a novel based on the events of the Sioux Uprising.

Feel free to check it out at the link below. Then let me know by response to this post if you would like a free 24 hour promo of this title during this, the sesquicentennial year of Minnesota's great Sioux Uprising of 1862.


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