Sunday, December 31, 2017

Blood on the Prairie: A Novel of the Sioux Uprising

On this, the last day of 2017, we reflect on the hanging of 38 Sioux warriors which occurred at Mankato MN on December 26, 1862. Ordered by President Lincoln, the hanging was carried out by the Union Army. According to Harper's Weekly, 4,000 spectators crowded into the small community of Mankato to witnesss this public execution. President Lincoln ordered the execution to end the Dakota Conflict which broke out in August of 1862 and killed hundreds of settlers on the Southern Minnesota prairie. This was the largest loss of civilian, non-combatant life in and Indian war in United States history.

We honor the Dakota Indian members of the 150th anniversary of the hanging during their annual memorial ride to Mankato in 2012. They adopted the slogan: "Forgive Everybody Everything." They have the right idea.

Read "Blood on the Prairie:  Novel of the Sioux Uprising" in the format of your choice at Amazon to understand the complexities of this Indian war, still controversial today, and the hanging, which remains the largest legally sanctioned execution in United States history.

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