Friday, April 7, 2017

Visit With Sam Stephens, Co-Author of Cream Separator Memorabilia Guide

Today, April 7, 2017, son Matthew and I visited Sam Stephens, co-author of DeLaval Sharples & Others Cream Separator Memorabilia guide at his home in Warminster, Pennsylvania. The charming home he shares with his spouse Barbara is chock full of antique cream separator and dairy advertising collectibles from signs to paper, large to small. It is a lifetime collection, and Sam says it is all for sale. That is Sam on the left, and yours truly on the right.

I brought the original painting entitled  "Mohawk Deer Hunt" seen on the left, in Indian motif, which was made into a calendar top for DeLaval back in the 1940's. I also brought a 1931 calendar given out exclusively to creameries and not to the general public, also in an Indian motif (not shown.) In return, Sam traded for all the items you see on the floor and between us, most of which will be offered for sale at my booth in the fire hall of the LeSueur County Pioneer Power show at rural LeSueur, MN the last weekend in April. I hope to see you there.

Sam lives in Warminster Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. If you are in the area and wish to see Sam's collection, please email him at He is a most gracious host and will show you around his extensive collection. The American Pickers wanted to do a show there, but he turned them down. I can attest to the fact it will be well worth your time. Thanks again, Sam. I now count you and Barbara as friends and hope to do business with you again in the future.


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