Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sioux Uprising, Dakota Conflict, American Civil War

Who is Toby Ryker?

Thousands of readers from around the globe have asked me who Toby Ryker is. Well, in truth, not thousands, but 2 or three folks have asked me that. The thousands is where the fiction comes in.

Toby Ryker is a fictional half Indian half British character featured in the three novels "Blood on the Prairie - A Novel of the Sioux Uprising," "Toby Ryker," and "Deadwood Days." He's a versatile character who has been a military scout, fur trader and trapper, hangman, husband and father, gold miner, alcoholic and drifter. He's a typical frontiersman of the 1800's West. He's also my alter ego and I dress up in buckskins like he does when giving presentations. Might as well have my schizophrenia work for me rather than against me.

Ryker leads the reader through many adventures on the frontier. He's a friendly guy who interacts easily with other characters both historical and fictional and freely offers his personal interpretation of the events he gets caught up in. He's typical "Minnesota nice" and could well be a character from Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon except that the era is not the same.

Let Toby Ryker be your guide through Minnesota's Great Sioux Uprising, or Dakota Conflict as it is known, which happened in 1862 during the Civil War. You'll find him in various formats at the link below.


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