Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blood on the Prairie, A Novel of the Sioux Uprising, Dakota Conflict, American Civil War

The sesquicentennial of the Dakota Conflict officially ended on December 26, 2012, exactly 150 years after the execution of 38 Sioux Warriors at Mankato MN. This dark period in American history still has an impact on all Americans, white and Indian alike. We will continue to publish information about the uprising in this blog in the months to come. Your questions and comments are welcome.

In the words of the Dakota concerning the Dakota Conflict: "Forgive everybody everything."
We honor all victims of the Dakota Conflict
We forgive the crimes committed by our ancestors
We support efforts at reconciliation between the white and Indian cultures.

Read the story of the Great Sioux Uprising, or Dakota Conflict as it is called, at the links below.


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