Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition

It's up! Amazon has the hardcover collector edition posted today. Get it now and read it now, because in just a few short months the Sioux in all their fury will descend on Minnesota settlers. In less than 48 hours, 1,000 settlers will be massacred or wounded. (In 1862, that is.) Beginning in August, 150 years ago, the Great Sioux Uprising occurred, and it touched all Americans from President Lincoln down to the lowliest soldier and settler. According to Colonel Henry Sibley, leader of the Indian Expedition, "“On the morning of Monday, August 18th, 1862, as if a volcano filled with lava and blood had suddenly discharged its contents upon the earth, the Sioux massacre burst upon the breast of Minnesota, terrific and unexampled, covering her soil with the blood of her children, and, amid horrors of devastation and death, spreading anguish and consternation on every side. The very hour when, dreaming of “Peace and Safety,” sudden destruction came.”  This was terrifying stuff! The book tells the story of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances who coped with life as best they could.


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